One of the things I love the most about Alberta are the skies. They’re huge. Wide open. I feel as if I can take a full breath when I can see from horizon to horizon. I began painting during the pandemic to experience that feeling. When I am painting, everything else ceases to exist. The experience of living through a pandemic has made many of us feel closed off, claustrophobic and isolated and my art is meant to be an antidote to those feelings – I hope that through my art you can feel the air and the wide open spaces and breathe with joy.

Many of my paintings are on reused canvases. I love the added dimension that comes from layering the paint. I often paint a piece, decide it needs to be re-done and paint the whole canvas over again – giving it more texture and depth.

All of my work has an element of either gold and silver sparkle. Several years ago, I was in a gallery show for SkirtsAfire with a group of artists, including Allison Tunis. I respect her work so much. She spends so much time creating layers of detail and meaning. She told me a story of when she was in art school, one of her professors told her that use of sparkle in her work was unprofessional. Refusing to be bowed, she often adds sparkle to her work. Sparkle is joy, light and I have chosen to add that to my paintings.

Sunset Gold
Sunset Gold (18×24, canvas board) – based on a photography by Leroy Shultz – used with permission

Exuberant Joy
Exuberant Joy (28×36 on reclaimed canvas) – based on a photograph by Tara Manson – used with permission
Golden Hills with Pink Sky
Golden Hills with Pink Sky (24×36, canvas)
On the Edge of Hope
On the Edge of Hope (sold, prints available)
Sparkling Thundershower
Sparkling Thundershower (24×36, canvas)
Prairie Morning
Prairie Morning (18×24, canvas board)
Edges of Gold
Edges of Gold (18×24 canvas board)