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Barrhead Historical Museum

This was one of my favourite shoots ever.

Barrhead Museum has an old map they wanted photographed as they are restoring it. It is a bit of a hike from Edmonton to Barrhead, so I suggested that to make it worth their while, I could photograph some of the museum’s artifacts while I was there.

This was all entirely selfish. I am one of those geeky people who gets in trouble for touching things I am not supposed to. Occasionally I drool as I am staring intently at an object while I wonder who used it, and how many hands touched it before it wound up in front of me (just kidding about that part!) I love history and was thrilled to to this shoot.

This museum is worth the trip. While the building itself is small, the artifacts are meticulously displayed by theme. For example there is a “smoke shop” area; a war area, police artifacts and an amazing taxidermy display, amoung others.

A First Nations fishing basket, with quill work. Restoration work done.


Copper pan in the midst of being restored

Vegetable food grinder. (I’ve seen meat grinders but never for vegetables)

Xray machine

Violin (I believe from the 1700s)

Grain mill

Its fascinating to me that this is in a museum. It makes me feel old!

Telephone exchange

This display is amazing. I am no fan of big game hunting – my thoughts: “if you kill it, you eat it.” (something I have said to small boys throwing rocks at seagulls, on more than one occasion). But, this collection was donated to the museum, and its really impressive. I never thought I would get to photograph a zebra or a warthog, or a cheetah!


The museum is open May to September, but if you are up there outside of those months, they may open by appointment.

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