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Edmonton Business Women

I think one of my favourite things is helping local, Edmonton women who run businesses get great photos for their websites and social media feeds.

Ingrid was fantastic. She showed me some examples of what her newly designed website is going to look like, and I wanted:

1. to illustrate what she does for a living
2. create a visual cohesiveness and branding across her business materials

Edmonton Family Photography_0164 Edmonton Family Photography_0165
So can you guess what she does? Maybe its not obvious, because it is such a cool business.

She will organise your office for you. From paperwork and your desk layout to your computer files and social media plan. Who doesn’t need that. And can you imagine how much easier, faster and more efficient your life would be if she was helping you?

Give her a shout . . . the new website is still under construction, but you can get an idea of what she does at Bottom Line Organizing

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Feeling Joy (and beauty!)

This was one of my favourite sessions. A beautiful fall day. A walk in the glorious Edmonton Rivervalley. A fascinating companion. Within 15 minutes I knew I had all the shots we really needed, because she was so calm, happy and focussed. But we kept walking and got some more that truly expressed who she is as a person and in her business.

This is Carolynne who calls herself a teacher. She teaches joy – and many other things.

You can check out her work here:




And then, after such an easy session, I get this in my email.

“You have made me feel so beautiful!

My gratitude for your work is too big for words.

In joy,

Big heart happy!!

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I’ve been doing a lot of headshots lately. Mostly of Edmonton business women and entrepreneures.


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Gwen Villebrun – Registered Psychologist

One of the best parts of my job is return clients. I photographed Gwen 7 years ago when she got married. We’ve kept in touch via email over the years, and we have referred each other to friends and clients. She is a lovely, compassionate, kind hearted woman, and she does great work helping people. (And she is taking new clients).


Gwen is launching a new website, and needed new headshots. I prefer to photograph people in an environment that is meaningful to them, and conveys an aspect of their work to the viewer. Gwen has a strong connection to the peaceful and healing aspect of nature, so we headed down to the river valley.

Our favourite photos were of her with the fireweed. Fireweed is a resiliant plant, and is the first flower to come back after the landscape is disturbed. A fitting metaphor for what Gwen helps people do.


Thank you for trusting me to take your professional headshots Gwen!

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Dancer Raena Waddell’s story is in this month’s issue of Rat Creek Press

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A few weeks ago, I met up with Allison, who I met through eWoman Edmonton, a networking group for women entrepreneurs. We spent some time on Whyte Ave and got some great headshots that she can use in her Facebook, business page and LinkedIn profiles.


Allison helps families achieve financial success through her business with World Financial Group. RLippiatt_0800.jpg


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Angela is a conductor at the University of Alberta, and one of my long time clients (hers was the first wedding I photographed when I was starting out). She needed some updated headshots, and here we go.

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On my reading list

My friend, Kate Boorman has a new book out. Its called Winterkill and looks amazing!

You can get it online at Indigo, or Audrey’s if you’re in Edmonton.

Congratulations Kate!!


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