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Summer and Fall 2018

This summer was a bit of a whirlwind. I was being treated for breast cancer over the summer and was working full time as well. (By the way, I absolutely recommend you check into your disability insurance. I can hook you up with someone who is wonderful at this. I certainly wish I would have got on it sooner, because working while dealing with a health crisis is a bit tricky!)

That is why I have not been posting, but here are a few of my favourites.

Carolynne Melnyk is one of my favourite subjects. She is so joyful and enthusiastic. We headed out to the Devon Botanical Gardens on a smokey summer day and got these lovely shots.  You can see more of what Carolynne does here: www.livinglifeinjoy.com


Karen Gregory is a psychologist who works mostly with children, and her dog Ben helps them out. Karen Gregory 


This year in my community, we’ve had a wonderful addition – Norwood Dental

Dr. William Chin and his partner Amanda Neilsen have fully integrated themselves into the community, participating in everything from arts festivals to community leagues. I’ve worked with them over the summer to create a library of photos. They are incredibly welcoming and kind, and strive to make dental care a comfortable experience.

This is Amanda, and the team.

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