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Fall 2018

This was the most stellar fall I think I have ever seen in Edmonton.

I am generally not a fall scenery photographer type person, but this year the colours were spectacular.


I love that I found these maple leaves in rainbow colours!

We don’t often get a good display of reds in fall here in Edmonton (I know, because on the family photography side of my business, I need to keep track of what is turning and when) but this year, I think the long cool fall, rather than a freezing cold snap, let the trees change colour more slowly. These trees are stunning.

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Solar Eclipse Edmonton 2017

I still remember the solar eclipse when I was in grade 3. We had to stay inside so we didn’t all go blind. I am still mad about that.

But this time, I got to shoot the solar eclipse. It was only partial in Edmonton, but still! So excited!! (And I can get over being mad).

I got eclipse sunflair – how cool!!


And the sun coming and going.


Apparently you can fry your camera’s innards by shooting the sun – but these were shot between 1/3200 and 1/8000 of a second, and I did some test shots after – so hopefully its ok!! (I found that out after the fact).

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Storm Chaser

This beautiful shelf cloud rolled in at the end of our family’s July birthday celebration last night. We were out in the country, but this was over Edmonton.

I could be a storm chaser – but I would totally die. I stood on top of a tractor to get this shot.


Edmonton Family Photography_0246.jpg


And just so you know, my dream job is to do an article for National Geographic.

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Lana Whiskeyjack

Artist Lana Whiskeyjack, who also happens to be my best friend, and often muse

On the banks of the South Saskachewan


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I am so excited to be one of the artists in this great project.

These pieces were co-created with my amazing friend and artist, Lana Whiskeyjack. You can find her work here:

Let me know if you see these on billboards around Edmonton!


 Devouring picikwās


Apītaw picikwās


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Mother Love


Mother Love

An art exhibition/performance between two storytellers – Mary Ann Lippiatt, in the oral tradition and Rebecca Lippiatt, a photographer.

The show is titled Mother Love and both the stories and the photographs examine the varied and complex relationships mothers share with their children.


May 10, 2015 and May 17, 2015

3:00-5:00 PM

The Carrot –  9351 – 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB


Mary Ann will perform a new collection of stories. Concurrently, Rebecca will have a gallery showing of photographs. Rebecca’s photographs will be exhibited at The Carrot gallery for the month of May, 2015.


This project is a collaboration between a mother and daughter. Their personal relationship was the impetus for the theme, Mother Love.  Mary Ann is Rebecca’s step-mother and the project was conceived out of a personal examination of their own relationship.

Mary Ann Lippiatt is an oral storyteller, blending traditional story art with creative improvisation, Rebecca Lippiatt is a storyteller through photographs, taking pictures in a lifestyle (or photojournalistic) style.  This collaboration will bring together two artists and their art forms in a unique way.

Mary Ann’s storytelling for intergenerational audiences weave story and heart providing entertainment as well as evoking emotions of all levels. Her interactive stories offer a multicultural blend of traditional oral storytelling with complimentary storytelling techniques such a drawn and tell, story-singing or audience participatory story-interpretations.

The oral and visual storytelling in this project will engage listeners in the stories, creating a sense of place and belonging which will support family cohesiveness and ultimately build community.  This interactive process of storytelling (visual and oral) will encourage individuals and families to take their story experience to bridge with their human experiences in the community.



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Playing with Fire


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This photo essay was published in the Rat Creek Press in April, 2013

At Stan’s Barbershop, Moe rests his hand gently on a child’s head.  He talks softly, reassuring him as the boys curls fall to the floor.  Like a benediction, his hand gently cups the boy’s scalp.  His father is in the next chair, smiling proudly at his boy-child.  Moe helps the boy off of the chair.  “Would you like a sucker now?”  The child nods, his face still solemn.

Every three weeks, a man or a boys enters past the red and white stripped pole, takes of his coat, sits in a chair, and observes the barber helping the man in front of him to shed his hair and share his news.

Stories are told.  Old stories, new stories. Stories about wives and girlfriends.  Jobs. Politics. The weather.  “I hear good ones, sad ones, bad ones”, Kelly, who owns Stan’s Barbershop says. “We become like a bartender or a psychiatrist.”  He has regular clients, much of his business from word of mouth. ” It becomes a good friendship, like family.”

The stories layer one on top of each other, woven together like the hair shed on the floor, creating a mosaic of history.  “I’ve been in this location for 18 years.  Stan was the old Ukrainian guy who owned it before me.  He opened in 1958.”  Roy, who owns  Park Plaza Barbershop and his customer, Bernie O’Ray, who’s managed the Bargain Shop on 118th Avenue for 17 years, recite a litany of names of the previous owners.

In a lull between customers, Mohammed looks out the window of his business, MBs Barbershop and Salon.  “This place is changing so much.  It’s so much better now.” Kelly, Mohammed and Roy all have stories about the Avenue. “It used to be like . . . like an action show every week.”

An old man moves stiffly from his chair, his metal walker pushed in front of him Mohammed gently holds his elbow, transferring him gently to the barber’s chair.  Short strands of hair from his balding head shower down on the cape.

The barber’s face furrows in concentration, clippers in hand.  Blade number 2. His goal is to make his customer happy.  “They don’t come for the price, they like the haircuts.”

Two dark haired boys skip out of the barbershop with their dad. They look proud; they’re handsome and happy, and look adoringly at their father, talking and laughing, bouncing up and down, their new haircuts as sleek as a seal’s pelt.


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Women Who Run with the Wolves


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Mother Love

Mark your calender.

On April 9 and May 10 and 17th, my mom (Mary Ann Lippiatt, of Story in My Pocket) will be doing a collaborative performance.

Mary Ann will be telling stories based on the theme, Mother Love, and I will be displaying my photographs, of mothers and children, and of flowers.

We look forward to seeing you then.


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