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Bill Nightingale – Home and Garden Handyman – Edmonton, AB

This is Bill.

Bill fixes stuff.

Bill will do your gardening.

Bill loves working with seniors.

Bill is great.

Get ahold of Bill here:


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Edmonton Poet and Author, Anna Sewell

You can find Anna’s work here:¬†

Anna has been a constant in Alberta Avenue for over 10 years – she was one of the first people I met when I moved there.

She is fascinating and engaging, throws a mean Robbie Burns party (and serves haggis!), loves the outdoors (we worked on the greening project at Norwood School together) and is a wonderful poet.

I love the light in this photo – Anna’s backyard.


With Anna being an artist, I knew we had to get in some art in the background. We are both in love with the panels at the Royal Alberta Museum by Ernistine Tahedl. When Anna showed up with a red dress, I knew we had to include them in her portraits.


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Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award winner – Alice Major

Alice didn’t tell me why she needed photos right away, but after I completed the job, she told me she just received the Lieutenant Governor Alberta Arts Award.

You can check out the award here.

You can find out more about Alice at her website

She is a lovely lady, who was the City of Edmonton’s first Poet Laureate and founded the Edmonton Poetry Festival. I did not know these things when I chose the location we would be using (I chose it based on the colours she likes).


Congratulations Alice!!!

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Edmonton Business Women

I think one of my favourite things is helping local, Edmonton women who run businesses get great photos for their websites and social media feeds.

Ingrid was fantastic. She showed me some examples of what her newly designed website is going to look like, and I wanted:

1. to illustrate what she does for a living
2. create a visual cohesiveness and branding across her business materials

Edmonton Family Photography_0164 Edmonton Family Photography_0165
So can you guess what she does? Maybe its not obvious, because it is such a cool business.

She will organise your office for you. From paperwork and your desk layout to your computer files and social media plan. Who doesn’t need that. And can you imagine how much easier, faster and more efficient your life would be if she was helping you?

Give her a shout . . . the new website is still under construction, but you can get an idea of what she does at Bottom Line Organizing

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A Long Kiss Goodbye

This amazing woman, Karen has an incredible business helping people at the end of their lives fulfill their dreams. She supports families, loved ones and people who are close to death.

Its an uncomfortable topic, and can be hard to face, but she does it with grace, humour, and much love. You want her in your corner.

You can check out more of what she does here: A Long Kiss Goodbye

Not to get too metaphorical with the bridge or anything (I actually chose this blue bridge overlooking downtown Edmonton for the colour – but it turned out to be very apropos).

Edmonton Family Photography_0160.jpg
Edmonton Family Photography_0161.jpg
Edmonton Family Photography_0162.jpg

I think I might start adding a laughing picture to everyone’s session. Because we all need one of these.
Edmonton Family Photography_0163.jpg

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Head Shots on Location

“I need them by Wednesday.”

Sometimes I get a request for a really quick turn around for headshots. Usually someone remembers they need to submit a photo for a conference and realise they really need a new shot – because their last one is 10 years old, or 40lbs prior.

After a quick conversation about what background would be best (I really like to shoot headshots to place my subject in context and to show what they do for a living).

On a chilly Saturday morning, we headed out to the Alberta Legislature and got these beautiful headshots.


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Rayanne Doucet – author and poet

Well, this shoot was great timing!! Rayanne just signed a publishing contract! I am so happy for her!

Dear Friends, I’m still in shock and not sure it’s real, but am thrilled to say I’ve just signed a two book publishing contract with a boutique publisher out of New York!!! SoulMate PublishingSoulMate Publishing is taking me on! Book One in my Urban Fantasy Series will be coming to you Fall of 2017! Book Two will be out in Spring 2018! Thank you so much to all my writer friends who helped me along the way! There is a lot of work ahead and it’s all a bit surreal but it’s happening and I’m elated!

If you would like to check out Rayanne’s work, she is at

And a huge shout out to Kaley Leblanc at The Beauty Parlor who came in on her day off to do Rayanne’s hair and make up and stayed so we could complete the shoot. Kaley, you rock!!

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I have been photographing Cheryl for about 7or 8 years now, and this headshot from our snowy day shoot is my favourite!

(so don’t be afraid of the snow!)


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Feeling Joy (and beauty!)

This was one of my favourite sessions. A beautiful fall day. A walk in the glorious Edmonton Rivervalley. A fascinating companion. Within 15 minutes I knew I had all the shots we really needed, because she was so calm, happy and focussed. But we kept walking and got some more that truly expressed who she is as a person and in her business.

This is Carolynne who calls herself a teacher. She teaches joy – and many other things.

You can check out her work here:



And then, after such an easy session, I get this in my email.

“You have made me feel so beautiful!

My gratitude for your work is too big for words.

In joy,

Big heart happy!!

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Lorraine Shulba

This summer, I had the opportunity to photograph the lovely and talented Lorraine Shulba.

You can check out her work here and here


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