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Monsters in my head

I dated a wonderful crazy artist a couple of summers ago. He was incredibly supportive of me as a photographer and encouraged me to see my work as art, not just as photography. While we were together (and since then) I had what I can only refer to as an “art explosion” in my head. This is one set of pictures that has been rattling around for the last couple of years and this spring I finally had the opportunity to create it.

As much as the creative process is internal and personal, the execution is a collaborative effort. Many thanks to The Hinton Voice publisher, Sarah Burns (who I met in a photography forum on-line, 7 years ago, and finally got to meet for the first time in real life this month). Sarah found this location for me, found the wonderful model, arranged things so we could all meet, brought a step ladder and carried my bags. Thank you!!

The models are – Hilde, who was fabulous. When we first met, she showed me her “scared” face, which was REALLY scared. But in front of the camera, she was beautifully subtle and gave me exactly what I was looking for. The Monster is my best friend (and amazing artist herself), Lana Whiskeyjack, who wore this skimpy costume in the snow and was generally willing to freeze her butt off for me (which, pretty much characterizes our relationship – which does go both ways!)

Two other Edmonton photographers helped with the costumes (thank you Hope and Corry-lyn)

There are about 4 other sets of pictures resulting from this art explosion. Dave Von Bieker, from the Bleeding Heart Art Space, cajoled me into committing to producing three shoots this year. Thank you Dave!

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